On War Rooms

I love War Rooms.
A War Room has all the project information and people in one place to create free and frequent flow of information.
This enables the team members to build trust, better working relationships, speedy identification and resolution of issues.
We recently spent 2 weeks with a client in such a specific scenario.
We were behind on a project, too many action items were left dangling or just not started.
Together with the client, we decided to establish a War Room and have all stake holders work out of the War Room to bring the first phase of the project up to speed.
The weeks sped by, the work was done, and at the end of the day, the data indicated that we did 40 man days of work in 20. That is 2x effectiveness and productivity.
The quality of the work was good with all unknowns ironed out, we're in a refinement phase right now.
Stakeholders are happy, we're happy, everyone wins.
Now I think I want to work the War Room into every engagement.